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Custom Stylized Watercolor Portraits

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Hello there. 

In this class, I will be showing you the process I use to create stylized custom watercolor portraits for my family and friends. I hope you enjoy this class, if you do, please leave a positive review and consider following me on social media, it means a lot in the internet world.

I am no longer publishing new classes to skillshare. I made this decision at the end of 2020 after numerous attempts to negotiate with Skillshare regarding the inequality and nonsensical favoritism shown towards some teachers over others. 

I feel the favoritism shown is not based upon students' engagement, or class content but rather based on teacher referral sales and/or being selectively chosen by the platform.

After developing 12 courses and teaching over 700 students, I have finally realized that Skillshare does not value nor support my art and/or content creation so therefore, all-new online classes will be published on and my students can be confident that when they take my courses that they are supporting a real living and breathing artist directly. Thank you so much, Brenda Knoll
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