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Color By Number Geometric Deer

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Hello there, This is Brenda Knoll, in this class we will be creating this color by number geometric deer head. The skills you will learn in this class include transferring an image to your painting surface, developing a color scheme, and how to color between the lines.

This class was created to just be fun. Sometimes when folks come to my classes in the real world, they like to just have a fun artistic experience and they aren’t interested in necessarily mastering the subject so much as producing artwork that is pretty. That is what this class is about.

In this class, we will review the materials needed, I have provided a template with numbers that we will be transferred to our paper, and we will be developing our artwork following the color map. 

We will talk about the tips, tricks, and hacks I use to develop my color schemes and I will demonstrate the process I used to paint my deer head. 

I will encourage you to paint or color your deer head and tag me on social media!. 

This class is geared towards folks who like my design and would like to use it in their artwork projects, there is no prior knowledge or experience required as it is essentially a color by number project. I hope you enjoy it and if you do, I can develop other similar projects for you as well.

If you enjoy the class, please leave a positive review and/or consider following me on social media, it means a lot in the internet world! 
You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (114MB)
  • MP4 (393MB)
  • MP4 (462MB)
  • MP4 (669MB)
  • MP4 (583MB)
  • PDF (656KB)
  • JPG (1MB)
  • JPG (1MB)